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Applied technology for the treatment of gaseous fluids and environmental protection.


The Company MION COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE s.r.l. , with head and production office in ARCADE (TV), via Indipendenza 84, is a company that has been operating for over thirty years in the plant industry, studying, designing, building and mounting systems for the treatment of gaseous media in general and for energy recovery.

More specifically, our activity is explicated in the field of ventilation, aspiration, environmental conditioning (in summer and winter setup), pneumatic transport, silage and extraction of granulate and/or powder solids, cleaning of gas from pollutants of any nature (solid particulates, aerosols, mists, gases, dangerous vapors and odorous substances) with the use of both to wet and dry systems.

Our production unit is able to study the design and development of systems sized according to the specific requirements from time to time expressed by the customer. If a request for a system is particularly complex and/or technically advanced, we make use of external engineering studies, with which we have an agreement.

The productive sectors in which we have extensive application experience due to the realisation of numerous dimensionally articulated plants, are those of engineering, chemistry, paper, packaging (especially the one that involves the use of plastics), foundry (primary and secondary), ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and textile, rubber, glass, ceramics (artistic and industrial) industries, footwear and food and military industry.

Structured to operate both in Italy and abroad; against potential Customers requirements we usually provide a free quote/offer, with a feasibility study for the solution of their problem, reserving, after inspection and/or verification of design parameters of reference, to study the optimization of the recommended procedure, according to the maximum operational reliability, and best technical and economic performance.

Aware that energy waste not only increases the manufacturing costs, but also increases environmental impact, we have identified and developed some systems for energy recovery, in order to maximize the overall thermodynamic efficiency of the processes analyzed.

Since, then, we are a company with high production usability, we can provide prompt, efficient and cost-effective maintenance and technical assistance, both on our plants and others already installed by our competitors.
Our technical department is always available to our esteemed customers to provide comprehensive answers (technological, economic, regulatory and legislative) to all the problems related to the systems mentioned above. Where possible, the service can be completed by suggestions of any financial facilities available on the market for the implementation of the systems.

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Via Indipendenza n° 84 - 31030 Arcade (TV)
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